You Win Some, You Lose Some... Dehydrator Edition

Guys.  I LOVE my dehydrator.  I have so much fun making snacks in it.  I sneak extra nutrition into everything by dehydrating whatever leafy greens aren't eaten quickly (think: kohlrabi leaves, parsley stems, etc) and then processing them into a green powder.  It goes into ANYTHING.

But I digress.

Recently, I had a win and a loss.  Since I am soooo open and honest and real (haha!) I am going to share them.

First was the win.  Cinnamon Radish Chips.  They were pretty easy.  Just slice the radishes up, toss with a little sugar (I used coconut palm sugar because that is what we have), olive oil, honey, and a good amount of cinnamon, and dehydrate.  I let them go at 135* for... 8 hours-ish?  I kept tasting them until they were ready.  They are sweet, crunchy, and cinn-tastic.


Dehydrated.... and veeeeeery tiny.
See?  Tiny

I should've quit while I was ahead.  But, noooooo, I was feeling ambitious.  I wanted to make green bean "chips".  I was at the checkout line at the supermarket and saw a bag of them being sold.  With no idea how to make them, I just tossed some beans in olive oil and salt, and dehydrated them at the same time as the radish chips.

Ew.  The flavor was good, but they were un-chewable.  Completely hard-yet-too-chewey-to-eat.  I didn't even take an after picture.

Jemma, however, ate a handful,  They were super salty, so I think she choked them down just to get the salt off of them.  Kid loves salt.

Nice, happy, tasty green beans

Poor green beans about to meet their doom

 All in all I am calling this a win.  I mean, I made tasty radish chips and I didn't buy the expensive green bean chips.  That's a win, right?  Right??

What's your best food fail story?  Make me feel less alone!

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