Cooking My Way Through Our CSA: Week 17 (Mid August)

This box was a doozy!  There was a huuuuuuuge watermelon hiding in the bottom.  Of course, it was filled with all types of delici-osity (Is that a realword?  It is now!).  If you missed our past pickups, you can read about them HERE.  This week we received:
  • Peaches Sustainable
  • Plums Sustainable
  • Donut Peaches Sustainable
  • Watermelon Sustainable
  • Swiss Chard Sustainable
  • Cubanelle and Bell Peppers Sustainable
  • Summer Squash Sustainable
  • Cucumbers Sustainable
  • Beefsteak and Plum Tomatoes Sustainable
  • Apples (Sansa/Red Free) Sustainable
  • Beets Certified Organic
  • Red Onions Sustainable
  • Leeks Sustainable
  • Kohlrabi Sustainable
  • Beans Sustainable
  • Sweet Corn Sustainable
Here's the plan:
  • Peaches, Plums, Apples, Cucumbers- Snacks
  • Beefsteak and Plum Tomatoes- I used to make this Chicken recipe all the time.  I think I have to resurrect it.  
  • Watermelon- I am the weirdo that doesn't really like watermelon.  I will slice some up for John and the girls, though.  Jemma started asking for Watermelon juice the minute she saw it, so I guess that is what the rest will become.  It is super simple... just watermelon flesh in the blender.  Shake before serving if you are saving it for later!
  • Beans- Green Bean and Shrimp Stir-Fry Rice
  • Beets- Macaroni Monday!  This sauce sounds SO. GOOD. I cannot wait to try it. 
  • Swiss Chard- The chard fritters were a hit, so I may just make them again.  If I change up the seasonings, no one will know, right?  Okay, okay, I'll sub the kale for chard on the chicken recipe.
  • Peppers- Roasted, fried, lactofermented... no idea.  Maybe just snacked on.
  • Summer Squash- Tater tots!
  • Corn- On the side for Burger Night!
  • Red Onions- Added to the pantry stash... unless they get cooked up to go on the burgers Saturday...
  • Leeks- Used as onions in the pantry stash
  • Kohlrabi- Oh no!  We ate all the dill!  No more dilly kohlrabi!  
Not wanting to take a picture, but not wanting a certain baby sister to be in the picture instead... It's so hard being 3!

Do you participate in a CSA?  Any tips for using up the yummy produce or favorite recipes?

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