Leftover Burger-Bun French Toast

I HATE to waste food, especially due to spoilage.  I think it angers my organized, planner side.  You know, like I didn't plan out with enough consideration?  Anyway, after a BBQ recently, we had quite a few burger buns left over.  We had some in the morning with egg and cheese sandwiches, but there were still a few left the next day.  Since they had very simple ingredients, they weren't going to last much longer.  Jemma was requesting french toast, so I improvised.

I mixed up a custard of coconut milk (still keeping the baby and I off dairy in hopes of keeping her reflux at bay), eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon.  Then, I saturated the buns and threw them on the griddle.  One flip later, they were ready to eat!


Ready to flip
I usually have a little extra custard/egg batter left when we make french toast.  Instead of wasting it, I cook it alongside the toast and give it to the baby.  She loves it, and I like that she is getting the extra eggy goodness in!

I had mine into a little sandwich... yum!!  If I do this again, I think I'll have to do a maple butter spread of some sort to stick the strawberries to it.

What is your favorite way to use up leftovers?

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  1. Leftover buns make the best hot ham and cheese sandwiches :)

    Recently I made a casserole type dish with so many random fridge findings. I wish I could remember what was in it because it was fabulous but I can't!

    I usually eat most of the random things that nobody else wants. Sometimes I feel like a garbage can!