Veggie Bowl: Root Veggies

A week or so ago I posted about my love of bowls.  No, not the dish, the meal.  Although I do like a pretty bowl to eat a tasty bowl out of.

Anyway, this week I am sharing some bowls made recently.  The first is root-veggie heavy, as I was trying to use up the late spring veggies before the summer veggies started rolling in.

I really just make the veggie bowls to use up whatever I have lying around.  On this day, it was red onions, kohlrabi, and parsnips.
 I tossed them with olive oil and salt, then roasted them.
While they were roasting, I cleaned and cut up some collard greens.  I also cooked a few cups of pearl couscous in chicken broth to have for the week.  At the same time, this was going on behind me.

Yeah... I caught you!
Once I was done admiring the cuteness, I mixed the collards with the hot roasted veggies and hot couscous.  They wilted the collards nicely without rendering them mushy.
Tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette (I promise to share the recipe soon... I call it magic sauce because Jemma and Juliet (and John!) gobble up anything I put it on!), it was perfect.

See?  Easy.
John added in some leftover pork because he felt like having a heartier dish.  It was great both ways!

What do you like to include in your bowls?

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