Cooking My Way Through Our CSA: Week 16 (Mid August)

Well, we picked up another CSA box this week.  If you missed our past pickups, you can read about them HERE.  This week we received:
  • Peaches – Sustainable
  • Nectarines – Sustainable
  • Carrots – Sustainable
  • Plums – Sustainable
  • Cucumbers – Sustainable
  • Pickling Cucumbers – Sustainable
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes – Sustainable
  • Cherry Tomatoes – Sustainable
  • Plum Tomatoes – Sustainable
  • Beets – Organic
  • Beans – Organic
  • Arugula – Organic
  • Dill – Organic
  • Swiss Chard – Sustainable
  • Bell Peppers – Sustainable
  • Red Leaf Lettuces – Organic
  • Apricots – Sustainable
  • Bonus: Peaches!

Here's the plan:
  • Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Cherry Tomatoes, Apricots- Snacks
  • Beefsteak and Plum Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Arugula, and Lettuces- Salads
  • Pickling Cucumbers- Lactofermented with Dill
  • Beans- I tried to make dehydrated green beans as a snack before, and it failed miserably.  They stayed super chewy no matter what I did.  I might try again with these because I really WANT it to work.  
  • Dill- Dilly Kohlrabi and Pickled Cucumbers
  • Beets- I'm thinking a Grain Bowl with the beets, the greens, a grain, and some beans.  It is supposed to get hot this week, so it'll be an easy dinner
  • Swiss Chard- Chard Fritters this weekend
  • Bell Peppers – Fajitas!
  • Carrots – Not too sure about these.  They usually wind up being thrown into something at the last minute.  Or snacked on.  We're big snackers.  

Do you participate in a CSA?  Any tips for using up the yummy produce or favorite recipes?

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