The Most Unflattering Carrot Mash Ever

I decided to make pork chops the other day.  We had some carrots to use up, so I thought a carrot mash and a cabbage slaw would go well with it.

Well.  It was delicious.

And it was the least attractive thing I have ever made.

But, since I value yum over pretty, I am going to share it anyway.  It was super simple.

First, chop and boil carrots
Then, make some magic.  Saute lots of onions.  That's the secret, I think.


Throw it all together in the carrot pot and cross your fingers.  Sprinkle it with salt for good luck.
I blended it with the immersion blender to make it easier.  Here's where it starts to look funky but taste... wow.  In a good way.
Plating it with some chopped up carrot greens helps.

Anyway, the pork was fantastic.  I used this recipe from The Kitchn.  It is fantastic, and the only way I make them.  The carrot mash?  It was as delicious as it was ugly.  And I'm okay with that.

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