Cooking My Way Through Our CSA: Week 15 (Early August)

Another week, another box.  Now that summer is in full swing, I am having a ball with all of the yummy surprises.  Planning everything out like this helps ensure nothing is lost in the back of the fridge, but it isn't set in stone.  I change it up if the mood strikes!

If you missed the past pickups, you can read about them HERE.  This week we received:
  • Peaches Sustainable
  • Plums Sustainable
  • Arugula Certified Organic
  • Leeks Sustainable
  • Parsley Sustainable
  • Sweet Banana Peppers Sustainable
  • Radishes Sustainable
  • Eggplant Sustainable
  • Bell Peppers Sustainable
  • Cherry, Plum, and Beefsteak Tomatoes Sustainable
  • Cucumbers  Sustainable
  • Beans Certified Organic 
  • Scallions Sustainable
  • Carrots Sustainable
  • Tomatillos Sustainable
  • BONUS!! Extra Peaches!!
Here's the plan:
  • Peaches, Plums, Radishes, Scallions, and Cucumbers- Snacks, as usual
  • Arugula- This is a perfect base for a tomato arugula salad... perhaps with chicken?
  • Leeks- They will probably be used as onions would be.  
  • Parsley- It is beautiful, I think I will make a tabbouleh with the tomatoes and cucumber!
  • Sweet Banana Peppers- I'll probably lactoferment most, and use the rest on a pizza.
  • Eggplant- I never ended up making a baba ganoush with last week's.  Maybe this one will?
  • Bell Peppers- Roasted, definitely roasted
  • Cherry, Plum, and Beefsteak Tomatoes- tabbouleh, and a tomato/arugula salad
  • Yellow Beans- So... I saw these green bean "chips" at the checkout counter.  They looked so good, so I think I have to try making them with the yellow beans
  • Carrots- Carrot mash with pork chops
  • Tomatillos- John makes a mean salsa with tomatillos.  I'll leave them for him.  
This is Jemma's favorite part about our produce pickup (besides the fruit).  She immediately asks if it is time for her to do her TADA!!!  Makes me smile every time!

Do you participate in a CSA?  Any tips for using up the yummy produce or favorite recipes?

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