Lacto-Fermented Dilly Kohlrabi

I have jumped back into fermenting things with two feet.  I pulled out a jar of lactofermented radishes that I made a few weeks ago and gave them to the girls.  They LOVED them.  Jemma asked to drink the radish "juice," the liquid it fermented in.  I watered it down 50-50 with water and she guzzled it in minutes!  I gave it to the baby, too.  She finished it, and cried for more.  Within 2 days they drank almost the whole jar!  I made a new batch, but I also started some dilly kohlrabi.

I don't really have a recipe for it.  I just sliced the kohlrabi into thick matchsticks, tucked them into a jar, and topped it with lots of fresh dill, some whey, sea salt, and filtered water.

It waited on the counter for a week, until it was nice and bubbly.  We have been munching on it ever since.  John even declared, "This is better than pickled cucumbers!"  The girls both adore them, too.  Juliet points at them and squeals every time they are on the table.  There is only one thing I will do differently next time.  I will peel them.  The insides softened nicely, but the skin stayed super tough.  Not a big deal, but something I would improve next time.

What is your favorite thing to ferment?  Do your kids eat them?

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