Kids Can Cook: French Toast!

Jemma has been cooking with me for a looooong time.  We started when she was a toddler, and now at 3, she can do quite a few things on her own.  One of our favorite things to make for a quick weekday breakfast is "French Toast."  I put it in quotes, because we don't do a custard.  We keep it simple, but it is pretty good.
The most basic version is just eggs cracked and beaten with a pinch of salt and a splash of water to help it mix.  Sometimes we add vanilla, maple, or cinnamon but on busy mornings it is just the basics.  Then we dip the bread into the eggs, throw them on the griddle, flip, and eat.
Jemma helps by:
  • Cracking the eggs
  • Mixing the eggs
  • Dipping the bread
  • Placing the bread on the griddle
  • Helping flip (I still help with this one)
  • Putting it on the plate
  • Bringing the plate, utensils, napkins, fruits, and maple syrup to the table.
Cracking the eggs

Beating the eggs

Dipping the bread

Sneaking a bite!!

Flipping the bread
Honestly, this is one of the most hands-off breakfasts for me.  I'm basically there to remind her of safety and to keep her on task.  She loves helping and it is one of her favorite dishes!
What about you?  Do you have any helpers in the kitchen?  Any other ways she can help out?

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