Kids Can Cook: Scrambled Eggs!

Scrambed Eggs.  Another of our favorite, easy breakfasts.  Right now the baby and I can't eat dairy, so this is another recipe that we simplified to just the basics.

I try to incorporate fresh produce into every meal.  Today, we sauteed garlic scapes from our CSA in olive oil first.  Jemma wasn't in the mood to put anything else in the eggs, so we had a tomato salad on the side.  The eggs themselves were just scrambled with a little salt and pepper.

Jemma helps by:

  • Cutting the garlic scapes
  • Cracking the eggs
  • Scrambling the eggs
  • Seasoning the eggs
  • Pouring the egg mixture into the pan
  • Keeping the eggs moving in the pan
Cutting garlic scapes with scissors

Cracking the eggs

Seasoned to perfection!

Mixing the eggs up

Pouring... carefully!

Keeping them moving
 Yes, she is wearing her baby doll while she cooks.  I wind up wearing Juliet while I'm cooking about 80% of the time.  I guess she picked up on it!

What delicious foods do you add into your scrambled eggs?

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