Cabbage Carrot Cilantro Slaw

I mentioned the other day that I was planning on making a slaw with the cabbage from my CSA box.  It turned out to be the easiest, simplest slaw I've made yet!  

The base was easy enough.  I just cut the cabbage up into thin slices and shredded the sad little bits of carrot I had left from the week before.  
Then, I saw Jemma sneaking bites of cilantro from the fridge.  I had forgotten about that, too!  Since we were having pork carnitas, I figured cilantro would fit in nicely.  I threw in SO. MUCH. CILANTRO... and it was perfect.  A simple olive oil/apple cider vinegar/salt/pepper dressing and viola!  Cilantro slaw!
I made pork carnitas from THIS recipe, and they were to die for.  I may or may not have sipped the sauce straight from the fridge afterwards...

What was your best back-of-the-fridge-forgotten-food combo?  

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