Cooking My Way Through Our CSA: Week 13 (Mid-July)

John picked up another CSA box this week.  The girls and I were in Rhode Island, so there are no pictures of our haul.  We're just grateful he braved the traffic to pick it up after work for us!  If you missed the past pickups, you can read about them HERE.  This week we received:
  • Plums Sustainable
  • Blueberries Sustainable
  • Peaches Sustainable
  • Apricots Sustainable
  • Scallions Sustainable
  • Basil Sustainable
  • Broccoli Sustainable
  • Cauliflower Sustainable
  • Collards Sustainable
  • Carrots Sustainable
  • Radishes Certified Organic
  • Arugula Certified Organic
  • Beans Sustainable
  • Bell Peppers Sustainable
  • Cucumbers Sustainable
  • Tomatoes Sustainable
  • Cabbage Sustainable
  • Eggplants Sustainable
  • Onions Sustainable 
  • Garlic Sustainable

Here's the plan:
  • Plums, Blueberries, Peaches, Apricots, Radishes, Scallions, and Cucumbers- Snacks... and a peach crisp
  • Broccoli florets- Roasted for a side with dinner Saturday 
  • Cauliflower- Base for Macaroni Monday: Cauliflower Pasta 
  • Carrots and Broccoli Stems- Shredded in a salad as a side with Tuesday's dinner
  • Collards- I'm going to try lactofermenting them this time.  The girls (especially Juliet) are really into fermented veggies right now.  They even drink the fermenting liquid.  I need to take full advantage of this new obsession!
  • Arugula- This was a pretty sad looking by the time I got home, so I composted it.  :(
  • Green and Yellow Beans- Thinking of blanching and freezing these for the future
  • Bell Peppers Sustainable- I'm definitely roasting and jarring these in the fridge!
  • Cabbage- In a slaw with fish tacos
  • Eggplants- marinated in balsamic and then broiled or grilled.  That's my favorite way to eat them, so I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with it. 
  • Onions and Garlic- as ingredients in everything.  We got both red and yellow onions this time.  The red ones are in a basket on the counter, and when Jemma saw them, she said, "BEETS!  YAY!!! Wait... Why are they in the onion basket?"  

Do you participate in a CSA?  Any tips for using up the yummy produce or favorite recipes?

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