Nut Butters

I pride myself on making many of our basic foods at home.  I enjoy it, it relaxes me, it saves money, and I know what we are eating.  Its a win-win-win-win!

Today we are making peanut butter.  I have also made almond butter in the past, but this time we just had peanuts. I buy them in bulk, roasting some for John to snack on, and turning the rest into peanut butter.  I have not yet explored soaking them first, but perhaps that will be in the future.  We shall see.

If you have a decent food processor, peanut butter is simple to make.  
1.  Toss the peanuts with sea salt and roast at 350 until browned, stirring occasionally. 
2.  Remove from oven and add to food processor while they are still warm.  Processing them while warm is the key to not having to add extra oil. 
3.  Process the heck out of them.  In the beginning it will seem like it is just chopping them, but if you are patient, the natural oils will release and it will begin to butter-ify.  When this starts to happen, add in your flavors.  I like salt and honey, but cinnamon and maple syrup are good, too.  Experiment and taste often. 
4.  When it is as creamy as you desire, eat it!

TA-DA.  That's it!

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  1. I made peanut butter for the first time in my new Vita-Mix a couple weeks ago. I used dry roasted peanuts so no other roasting was needed. It was amazing! Thanks for letting me know a food processor works just as well. :)

  2. Hey Jax! I have recently tried TWO different peanut butter recipes and I am planning a peanut butter smackdown and would love to include your recipe as a taste tester! Gonna get some raw peanuts and do it your way. Will let you know when it will all go down! Yah! Alex

  3. I just left a moderate life, stopping by to say congratulations on winning your award.