Egg Rolls Part 1-Wrappers

In keeping with the pastry-part-one, filling-part-two thing we have going (See pop-tarts part 1 and 2), I decided that I should show you my attempts at egg rolls.  So here you have it.  Part 1-Wonton Wrappers!

I took 2 cups of Whole Wheat Pastry Flour and some sea salt and mounded it on the counter.  I somewhat carefully cracked an egg into the middle of the pile. 
I mixed it up, adding water as needed to create a nice doughball.
The doughball was then sliced up into equal pieces.
Working one slice of dough at a time, the wrapper was rolled out.  It is really important to make sure it is verrrrry thin, but not so thin that it tears. 
That is the end of step 1.  Well, you can roll them all out first, if you would like, or you can roll them out as you are ready to fill/roll them.

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