Clams Oreganata

Clams Oreganata.  Delicious, easy, healthy, whole, and quick.  It seems like it would be really difficult and time consuming, but really, it's not.  Try it!

The first step is to soak the clams in water.  Discard any that are open. 
Once they are soaked to loosen the sand and scrubbed down (I like to use a potato scrubber), put a few inches of water in a large pot.  Add the closed clams and allow them to steam open.  It doesn't take all that long.  If any remain closed after this step, discard them. 
Scoop out the clam "meat" and add it to the food processor.  SAVE THE SHELLS, because they are going to be the deliciousness-delivery-system. 
Add breaadcrumbs, garlic (or garlic powder), parsley, oregano, and whatever other spices you fancy to the food processor. 
Process it gently to break up the clams and mix the other ingredients.  You don't want to pulverize it, unless you don't want to taste the clams at all (like my mom).  Slowly stream in olive oil as you process to get the correct consistency.  You want it to be a little wet, but easily mold-able. 
Now for the fun part!  Scoop the filling up and mush it into the clam shells!
I broil it in the oven until the tops are brown and a little cripsy. 
They are so delicious and are a perfect appetizer for company.  People will think you went through SO MUCH WORK, but really, the food processor did the heavy lifting.  Even if you don't have a food processor, you can just chop up the clams and mix it all together in a bowl, like the artichoke stuffing

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