Vacation Food

One of the things John and I like to do when we are on vacation is cook.  We prefer to use foods from the area we are cooking in from small local shops as opposed to supermarkets.  When we were in the Poconos, we had our first Raw Milk experience.  When we honeymooned in Hawaii, we spent a few days browsing for local foods and cooking them at the hotel (Perhaps I should post about that?  what do you think?)

This trip, we stopped by this amazing little shop that was down the street from our bed and breakfast.  The shop was called The Savory Gourmet and it specializes in meats and cheeses.  It was like a playground!  Well, it didn't LOOK like a playground, but the selection of specialty meats and cheeses was astounding.  John decided that we would be cooking kangaroo medallions on Saturday night.  
We were lucky enough to have a room with a kitchen (it was a suite, really, but more about THAT tomorrow).  We saw that there was a pan and a pot, along with a few cooking utensials, so we figured we were set.  What didn't we think about?  Seasonings and cooking fat.  

Yeah.  We had neither.  

Did that deter us?  NEVER!  John got the pan nice and hot, threw the kangaroo on, and hoped for the best.  
Looks good already, huh!
While that was cooking, I put together a quick side dish.  It was just some green beans I picked up in our travels from a farm stand, blanched.  
While I'm sure people that are much more serious about food than we are would be horrified, our meal was delicious.  Yes, the meat could have used some butter and salt.  Really, what isn't better with butter and salt?  The thing is, it doesn't matter to us.  It was yummy filling, and fun to cook.  

OH!  We also learned how to twist pretzels.  Mine was wimpy...
John's was awesome!
He may have enjoyed a nibble of pretzel before he left... MMmmmm!

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  1. Now I want to try kangaroo!

  2. Oh, you are so adventurous. I don't know if I would want to try kangaroo. Those pretzels sure look good though.


  3. Blast those innkeepers who wouldn't share butter & Salt with you!! ;)

  4. @Lititz House B&B Hahaha! You guys did enough for us already... We didn't want to bother you. Don't worry... it was delish anyway!