Spinach Baked Ziti

I had forgotten how much I liked baked ziti.  Now, I remember!

First, I cooked up a box of macaroni.  While that was cooking, I sauteed some garlic and spinach in butter.  
When it was all wilted, and the macaroni was cooked (a little undercooked on purpose) I put it all into a baking dish.
On top, I added my tomato sauce and some raw milk ricotta. 
I mixed it all together and stuck it in the oven.
I baked it at 350* for a while, and then broiled it to get the top nice and dark. As a finishing touch, I grated parmesan cheese on top!
It was so quick and easy!  I HAVE to remember to make this more often. 

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  1. You just made me realize...I love this dish too!! Might have to make this soon.

  2. This looks tasty. Not sure all that spinach would go over so well with some in this house but I might make it anyway!

  3. Baked pasta, I am in. This looks delicious adding spinach is good idea. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.