Cranberry Dressing with my Christmas Present!

For Christmas, I found an immersion blender in my stocking!!  I couldn't wait to try it!!  I decided that a salad dressing would be the perfect thing to make first.  Since I have been looking for ways to use up fresh cranberries since I got them in our CSA, I settled on a cranberry dressing.  

Using the included mixing jar, I added 1/3 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup red wine vinegar.
Then, I measured out 1/4 cup of the darkest cranberries.
Lastly, I added in 1 T water, 2 T dijon mustard, and some salt.
Since I never used an immersion blender before, I had no idea how easy it was!  3 or 4 quick pulses and the dressing was done!
I can't wait to try it on our salads! 

Anyone have any idea how long fresh cranberries last?  I still have a few left after some muffins and this dressing.

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  1. I couldn't be without my immersion blender!This cranberry dressing would be nice on hot vegetables as well as cold! How lovely!

  2. @Vicky What a great idea! I didn't even think about it!