Spaghetti and Asparagus with Lemon-Vinegar Dressing

This recipe was posted on Scratch.Love at the beginning of the month.  I bookmarked it, of course, because it looked delicious and I had all the ingredients in the house.  Even a Meyer Lemon (thanks, Dad)!  My friend stopped by soon after, and since she is somewhere between a vegan and a vegetarian, I figured this meal would satisfy both of us.

Oh my goodness, did it ever!!!!!

I'll let you click on over to the recipe yourself, but let me walk you through the steps.
First, you roast the asparagus.
While that happens, you make the dressing.  Try not to accidentally triple the vinegar like I did, but if it happens, don't worry, it's still good.
 Serve it all over macaroni (or whatever) with some shredded Parmesan Cheese!
This post was featured at Midnight Maniac's Meatless Monday!

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  1. Yummy! I love your take on this, I would never have thought to serve it on top of spaghetti. Very creative. I will have to try it like this! Did you make that pasta yourself?

  2. @Scratch.LoveI'm glad you liked it! I didn't make the macaroni myself. I used to make ravioli home made in our old apartment, but haven't made any here yet... Maybe that needs to jump onto the menu!