Frozen Fun!

Continuing with yesterday's fill the freezer theme, I wanted to let you in on a few other things I have been making in large batches to freeze.  

Meat-free macaroni sauce
Same as the the one with gravy meat, but, well, without meat.  First, I browned garlic in butter and added tomato paste.  Then I added tomato sauce, water and spices and let it boil down.  When it was cool, into the jars it went.  For more details, check out the gravy meat post. 
Pizza Dough Batches
I also made a bunch of pizza dough to freeze.  I made this pizza dough recipe and doubled it twice.  They were individually wrapped up and frozen.  I'm not posting pics, because it was the same as the other recipe and that would be boring.  

The freezer is starting to really shape up! 

What do you freeze?

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  1. I need to freeze pizza dough. Every time I throw an extra hunk in there, I always wonder why I don't do it more!