Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scalloped Asparagus and Potatoes

I'm all about the scalloped recipes lately.  I think it is because it is cheesey and comforting.  We have been getting a lot of asparagus in our CSA and this was a great recipe to use it in. 

I took some tasty potatoes, sliced, and steamed them.
Then, I took the asparagus, sliced it, and lightly boiled it.
Once that was all done I got to work on the scallions.  I sauteed them in olive oil until they were soft and smelled delicious.
Then, I added in the flour, milk, and cheese!
I let it cook down until it was coating the spoon.
At that point, I added in the spices and seasonings.  
Once I mixed in the potatoes and asparagus, I poured it into a buttered dish, topped it with more cheese, and sprinkled it with scallions.
Once it was baked up, WOW!  Delish!
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