Garlicky Buttered Radishes with Scallions

We had two bunches of radishes in our crisper.  
 I do love having lots of fresh produce, but I'm not a fan of radishes.  John, on the other hand, LOVES them.  I usually leave them for him to eat raw, but this time there were too many to eat in time.  I decided to try buttered radishes.  I melted down butter and added in sliced garlic to brown.
While the garlic became fragrant, I sliced the radish thinly.
Once the garlic was ready, I added the radish to the pan and stirred it until it was softened.  Then, I seasoned it with salt.
To make it extra special, I topped it with scallions and shaved Romano cheese and served it with a roasted chicken leg.  
John wasn't a fan, because he likes them fresh.  I loved them, though, so I think it is a good way to eat radishes if you don't like them raw.

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