Garden Pizza Friday

John planted some garlic a while back, and he pulled one out early to check it out.  Look how little and cute it is!
For Pizza Friday, he incorporated it into the dough, along with fresh parsley.
I coated the dough with lemon olive oil, sea salt, and cheddar cheese.
While it baked, I chopped up some tomatoes, more garlic, more parsley, and some scallions.  I really need to remember to use a different color bowl when I photograph tomatoes.
Once the dough was cooked, I took it out.  Obviously.  
I cut it up with kitchen shears and topped it with the tomato mix.
 The perfect finishing touch was shaved Parmesan cheese.... MMmmmm!
What would the perfect beverage for this pizza be?  Limoncello and seltzer, of course!

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  1. When did you plant your garlic? I plant mine in the fall (end of September, early October). It gets such a good head start that way and gets much bigger during the summer. It doesn't freeze out over the winter because it's planted pretty deep.

    I love the pizza idea. I will try it when my tomatoes are ready. I dreamed last night that there were two huge red tomatoes hanging on my plants. Alas, I don't even see green ones out there yet :)