I'm back... with steak salad!

Hi!  Long time, no see!  After spending the last 2 months snuggling on this little face...
I'm back!  

I'll be posting again as regularly as I can, starting today with a quick steak and kale salad I threw together the other night. 

I sliced up some steak thinly and brushed it with garlic olive oil.  Then, I threw it on the cast iron grill pan.
While it cooked, I threw together Russian Kale, olive oil, lemon juice and salt.  I meant to take a picture, but I got distracted.
Yeah, I am going to be shamelessly adding baby pictures...

Anyway, once the steak was cooked, but rare, I threw it on top of the kale salad.  So quick and easy!
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  1. Oh my goodness...... She is so absolutely adorably precious! My new little one should be here in a few months. I can not wait!!

  2. So glad you're back - I was starving! LOVE the distractions!

  3. What a cutie!! Your recipe looks delicious. I love kale and try to cook it as often as I can... it's just so healthy. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul!!

  4. Welcome back! I can completely understand spending several months cuddling that cutie!

  5. Yay!!! Yay for being back and yay for the cutie! Mine arrived 3 weeks ago and I've been snuggling his little face all the time, too :)

    I have yet to try kale. I really should. Piles of cooked leafy greens are the only thing my husband refuses to eat, though, so it's hard to make myself cook them. Maybe for my own lunch one of these days :)

    1. Congrats Zoe!! I'd love to see pics. Think you might get back into the blogging game again? I miss your yummy posts (especially the desserts!)

    2. Thanks!

      eh, I've thought about occasionally posting. I don't know. If it wasn't for the hassle of taking/uploading pics, I probably would. I always did hate that part!

      I do think I should at least do a post on Bennet. All you guys that I left hanging at the beginning of my pregnancy would probably like to see the end result :)